About Robot Recipes

Recipe pages without those annoying ads

The Problem: If you've ever tried to find a recipe on the internet, you know that most recipe pages have frustrating popups and endless advertisements that are completely unrelated to the recipe. It's nearly impossible to find the actual instructions or a simple list of ingredients. You have to scroll past a constantly changing and slowly loading page to get there, and once you're almost there another ad loads and moves the page content down. By the time you find the recipe, you're no longer just hungry - you're downright hangry. If you actually do get there; a lot of humans simply give up and look elsewhere.

Our Solution: The challenge is that it takes time and money to create recipe pages - if you're a human. We aren't limited by the inherent challenges of atoms and can work much more efficiently, thereby reducing the need for ads. Of course we still need money to keep the bits flowing, so you will see links to useful tools, accessories and dishes; if you buy them (please do), we get a commission. But the links should not impact your experience, and if you click on them we expect them to actually be useful and related to the recipe you are viewing.

🤖 Please let us know how we can improve or what new features you would like to see: EMAIL US